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A line of intimate care promoting real pleasure from the first kiss to the last touch.

In a world where human interaction is mostly virtual, where life is a daily race, SLOW SEX is an invitation to let go of all external stimulation and to focus on what is real: your sensations.

Putting prejudice aside, SLOW SEX encourages everyone to take their time, to discover hidden pleasures, to play more and to savour those precious moments without any preconceptions.

SLOW SEX paves the way for you to reach climax, the way you really like it

Gentle body-safe formulas, so users can take their games anywhere and everywhere, with no limit. A combination of natural ingredients and patented molecules.

Save the planet having sex! Our line is made of aluminium, glass paper and very little plastic in a travel friendly size.

Mouthwatering spray:

  • Increases saliva production
  • Mouthwatering effect
  • Citrus flavour
  • The new oral sex essential
  • 13 ml

Saliva is your best ally during oral sex. Simply spray on your tongue  to make your mouth water… the wether the better! Repeat the application as much as your desire.


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