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Get ready for amazing clitoral orgasms!

The launch of Ritual Shushu is a whole new innovation for women. Spectacular technology that combines incredible and energetic pulsations that stimulate the clitoris without touching it that will give you unforgettable orgasms. The compact and elegant clitoral stimulator is very easy to use. A new generation of sucker with a +/- button with which you can increase or decrease the intensity depending on your needs.

Why Shushu Ritual? Here are 10 reasons why you should choose Shushu Ritual.

  • Amazing Power
  • Vibration and suction in a single toy
  • Compact size unique in the market, Perfect to carry anywhere, its compact size allows you to carry it in your bag to the office or travel.
  • Silicone that takes care of your skin
  • Ergonomic, perfect for women to hold by hand while sucking
  • Fast and guaranteed orgasm
  • Tested on 20 professional women in the Erotic sector that guarantee its effectiveness at 100%
  • Silicone head that stimulates all your senses
  • Exclusive colour that combines relaxation and luxury
  • Unique price in the market.

The perfect combination of a magical vibration with suction through intense impulses that will cause exciting waves at the edge of the head. The flexible medical silicone tip surrounds your love button stroking its interior without contact with 3 different patterns with 4 levels of pressure waves intensity, while the top vibrates around the clitoris with 3 patterns and 4 levels of intensity with programs in a single easy to use button. Pure lust of pleasure turned into orgasms and pleasure.

  • The knowledge kept by the ancient dynasties practising intangible energy has been revealed. The avant-garde and high technology combine with the mystical to create the amplifier of the frequencies of the ultimate pleasure. Let the energy travel through your entire spine from your clitoris and reach nirvana with all your senses.

According to the bases of the kundalini, energy is something that must flow freely and without hindrance through our body. Energy blockages are common in our daily lives. On the sexual level of women this translates into difficulties in reaching orgasm.

That is why we have created Shushu, the amplifier of the frequencies of ultimate pleasure. Contactless vacuum stimulation has been specially designed to release the chakra of emotion and sexuality. With this you will get much more intense and vibrant orgasms, unleashing the full potential of your energy channel.

The logo is inspired by the second chakra. It is located in the genital area and is responsible, among other things, for pleasure. It is represented by the colour orange and with a 6-pointed flower shape.

Shushu Ritual is equipped with integrated batteries, so that it can be recharged without damaging the environment.

If necessary, the included USB magnetic charger can add a 5v network plug, but you can charge your Shushu on any computer or laptop.



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