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A heaven of soft and flexible delights! S

expresso is a heaven of soft and flexible delights with buttons to manage the pressure on your penis and to get excited at your own pace. A pleasure personalized, tailored to achieve orgasm.

Discover an infinitely reusable masturbator!

The latest addition to Dorcel's masturbator for men is the Sexpresso! It consists of two parts:

  • The Case: this ABS and Elastomer part is soft and supple. It has press buttons that allow you to adjust the pressure on your penis during your masturbation sessions. You control from A to Z your rise of excitement and your orgasm!
  • The masturbation sleeve, is the second part that makes up this mastrubator. This is an interchangeable sleeve, with pimples and other grooves and streaks, which will stimulate the smallest cm² of your penis!