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The Amoressa OSIAN Chinese balls are covered with 100% high quality silicone. They have an elegant design in three colours as well as an incomparable soft, comfortable, velvety touch.

OSIAN SET is the ideal accessory for pelvic floor training, especially for beginners and/or women with a tilted uterus. They are introduced in the same way as a tampon, and just like a tampon, OSIAN SET is practically imperceptible. During your daily movements, the constant yet silent internal rotations generate involuntary muscular contractions that strengthen the musculature of the pelvic floor.

OSIAN SET helps to tone the pelvic floor muscles responsible for sexual pleasure, as they have a perfectly measured weight that guarantee a sensational session of pelvic floor training, to attenuate incontinence, intensify orgasms and consequently improve sexual well-being.

For greater effectiveness, short, regular sessions are recommended.  Start with OSIAN ONE for a maximum of 15 minutes a day when moving around.  Once you are able to keep them in place easily, continue with OSIAN TWO, and repeat the process.  Once you can hold these in place, continue with OSIAN THREE, repeating the last stage again and… congratulations!  You will have achieved perfect pelvic floor strength with the Amoressa Set.

The Amoressa balls are completely smooth, for ease of insertion, producing a feeling of well-being.  Easy to use and clean, they are the perfect choice for achieving perfectly healthy pelvic muscles.

  • 100% hypo allergenic silicone structure
  • Weight: Osian One; 51 Gr / Osian Two; 85 Gr / Osian Three 101 gr
  • Measurements: Osian One / 34mm – Osian Two / 35mm – Osian Three 34 mm
  • Once the balls have been inserted inside you, your pelvic muscles will start to work, trying to keep the balls in place.
  • The rotation of the ball in the interior stimulates and strengthens the musculature of the pelvic floor while making your everyday movements.
  • Increased sensitivity during sex, both for WOMEN and MEN!
  • Recommended by midwives and gynaecologists as a way of recuperating the pelvic floor muscles after giving birth
  • Prevents urinary incontinence and prolapsed uterus.
  • Almost imperceptible
Recommendations for Use:
Amoressa recommends the use of water-based lubricants to ease insertion of all silicone products.  Do not use silicone-based lubricants, oils or creams with silicone products, as they can break down the material, limiting its use and working life.


Clean the toy thoroughly before and after each use, with warm water and neutral soap.


Store the Amoressa Osian balls in a dust-free environment and keep out of contact with other toys made from different materials (TPR, PVC jelly, etc.). Avoid exposure to daylight and to extremely high temperatures.

  • 2 Year Warranty


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