Parcel Motel


So you want to buy a sex toy on Charlotte French but you don’t want to have it delivered to your home or place of work? No problem! There is a company in Ireland called Parcel Motel and what they do is issue you with a ‘virtual address’ to use when shopping.

How it works

Simply shop on Charlotte French as normal and when asked for delivery details enter your unique Parcel Motel Identification number (PMID) and the Parcel Motel Irish address.

***You must register with Parcel Motel before using their services***


Your parcel will be delivered to your local Parcel Motel locker terminal for collection, and you will receive a text message containing a unique and secure PIN number to use to release your parcel. It’s that simple.

Parcel motel have over 10,000 locker collection points throughout Ireland, so you can be guaranteed that there is one near you.

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