Did you know that the prostate is also known as the male G-Spot? We have found that most men are completely unaware of this fact and they have no idea that it is possible for them to have a prostate orgasm, which is also know as a “Super O”.

To help men achieve this “Super O” they generally need the help of what is known as a prostate massager. There are of course a lot of great prostate massagers out there, but without question, the best of the best has to be from LELO.

Most men, whether alone or with a partner, start off stimulating their prostate with their finger (or their partners finger) this of course is perfectly fine and mostly gets the job done, just make sure those finger nails are short or you can cause yourself some discomfort, but when you are ready to take it to the next level and really experience that “Super O” in all it’s glory, you need a prostate massager.

The LELO prostate massagers are all perfectly formed, safe, rechargeable vibrating massagers, absolutely no batteries required. They are perfect for solo use or as a couple to really enhance the male sexual pleasure experience.

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