Cleaning Your Sex Toy

The significance of cleaning a sex toy after usage is frequently overlooked by both the toy businesses and customers alike. Sex toys do not always arrive with directions about how to wash them, even though this is one of the most essential practises in regards to using and keeping your adult toy.


Why should I wash my sex toy?
Sex toys come in contact with the most sensitive elements of the body. When bodily fluids come in contact with a vibrator, dildo or other toy, bacteria and germs are going to grow and can cause infection if not properly sterilised.

Nasty bacteria such as thrush can easily multiply on a vibrator and reintroducing these germs to your body could cause infection. To avert the spread of nasty germs during usage, it is highly recommended that all adult toys are cleaned thoroughly and when using a vibrator, dildo or anal toy, you might consider using a condom on the toy for extra care.

How do I wash my adult toy?
You should consider buying an antibacterial cleanser to eliminate germs and fluids from your toy. These cleansers are powerful enough to kill germs but gentle enough to use after and are highly recommended by all makers of sex toys. All toys should be cleaned, even the ones which don’t directly come in contact with fluids or are employed at the mouth.

Vibrators and dildos can also be washed with soap and hot water (antibacterial soap) but this will not clean them as well as using an actual sex toy cleaner.

If your toy is battery powered or electrical, never submerge it in water as it may damage it, unless otherwise stated in the instruction manual.

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