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Welcome to Charlotte French sex toys shop! Up until recent years, sex toys in Ireland have been pretty much a taboo subject and really only discussed in private amongst very close friends but thankfully, Ireland and its relationship with sex has become a much more acceptable topic and many people throughout the country are seeing just how adult toys can enhance their sexual and personal relationships.

Toys for sex are above all designed for sexual pleasure and can be used by a person alone or by a couple to heighten the sexual experience. For a long time, when people heard the term “sex toy” they automatically thought of rabbit vibrators or vibrator wands for women, not realising that there is also a vast range of adult toys for men as well, the most famous of which being the Fleshlight, which is the number 1 sex toy for men in the world.

Sex toys for women started to become mainstream in the 1990’s, primarily with the introduction of the rabbit vibrator on the show “Sex in the City”, the rabbit vibrator was so popular amongst women that manufacturers found it hard to keep up with demand and to this day it is still the number 1 sex toy chosen by women.

Adult toys for sex got an even bigger boost when the book (and later movie) Fifty Shades of Grey came out. The franchise became so popular they even launched their own brand of Fifty Shades of Grey sex toys which are now some of the biggest sellers worldwide!

At CharlotteFrench.ie, we only stock the very best quality sex toys from the biggest brand names in the market. We have everything ranging from LELO, Fleshlight and Tenga all the way to Fifty Shades of Grey and ZINI, so we are confident you will find the right sex toys for you.

All of our products are shipped in discreet plain packaging and we do our very best to have them shipped within 24 hours of ordering.

Should you have any queries about any of our products we are always here to help and you can contact us directly through our contact page.

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